Friday, May 27, 2011

Meri Zaat Adhoori Reh Gayi

Lakeeron Ko Badaal Kr Ussey Paaney Ki Tammaam Koshish Ki ,

Woh Toh Na Mila ....

Dil Zakhami Aur Haath Lahoo-Lohaan Ho Gaye :')

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First and Last Wish

I said 'I Love You more then my life'

She Replied 'What Will You Do For Me'

I Promise, 'I Will Do Anything
to Fullfill Your Wishies Till My Last Breath'.

She said ''Oh so Sweet, How Cute You Are :)
Will You Fullfill My 1st Wish''

'I will Die without You', I Smiled.

She Wished Her 1st Wish '' I Don't Want You Anymore In My Life, Get Lost From My Life'' :)

I Smiled And Walked Away To Fullfill Her 1st and Last Wish.

- Mantesh

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Day you will miss Me

On The Day When I will Close My Eyes Forever,
Lots Of Other Eyes will Cry For Me

All Those Who Hates Me, Who Ditch Me
Will Miss Me, Will Cry To See Me For Just Once Again !!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Jagaya Us Ne Aesa Ke Aj Tak Soo Na Sakay...

Rulaya Us Ne Aesa Ke Kabhi Chup Ho Na Sakay...

Jane Kya Baat Thi Uss Mein Jab Se Chaha Usay...

Tab Se Kisi Aur Ke Ho Na Sakay !!


All Stories Have Endings

Some Stories Are Long and Eventful
Others Are Short And Painful..!!

Unwished Gifts

Wo Chand Chup Gaya Muje Raat sonph Kar, Ankhon ko Intezaar Ke Lamhaat Sonph Kar

Ek Shahks Tha Jo Muj se Biched Gaya, Ankhon Ko Meri Mosam-e-Barsaat Sonph Kar

Labhon Ki Muskuraht Ley Gaya wo, Ankhon ko Aansuon Ka Tohfa sonph Kar

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Dreams Fly

Khwaab Kisi Ne Kaha Dekho, Zindagi Badal Jayegi.
Khwaab Kisi Ne KAha Na Dekhna , Tum Bikhaar Jaogey.

Khwaab Na Jaane Kyu Dekhne Lag Gaya Tha,
Khwaabo Ke Jahaan Mein Na Jane Kyu Kho Gaya Tha.

Khwaabo Ne Khushiyan Aisi Di Ki Hr Baar Mein Roya Tha
Khwaabo Uske Intzaar Mein Hr Raat Khuli Aankhon Se Soya Tha

__________ Mantesh

Emotions of mAd..!!

Sometimes The depth of Human Emotions Overshadows The Mind in Control, A maze of Emotions Encloses My Thoughts; My Very Soul,Only leaving a breathless Motion,The decision to Only Move On .. All weak,All alone..