Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unsaid Emotions

Why does it have to Hurt Inside ?
Why do i have to Cry each Night ?
I think i have to walk on by...
B'coz em starting to Lose my Sight...

What is that Changed your Mind ??
Who is that keep you Blind ?
Why did You Change so Fast ?
Did you really have to Leave me Behin ?

I start to Think about All We had...
and how it Turned this Way...
I guess I will have to Leave your Side,
and turn my Face Away...

Although my Soul will Die...
Although my Heart will Cry...
I have got Nothing else to do...
I am Hurt deep inside...

But although I will Leave your Side...
You will be Always on my Mind.
My Heart and Soul will Ache for You...
Each Day and Each Night.

You are My Never Ending Love...
The Love that keeps Me Alive.
You are the One I will Love Forever...
Although it Hurts Inside. !!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Logon se pehchan ker gaya wo Aaiyna..
Pathroon ke shehar mein lag gaya wo Aaiyna..

Dusron ke doshoon ko main talaashta raha..
Aavgun mere mujhko dikha gaya wo Aaiyna..

Ban sanwaar ker ab wo baithe Aaiyne ke sahmne..
Aaiyne ko Aaiyna dikha gaya wo Aaiyna..

Sab sach ki Ladaayi humne Laadi akele khoob..
Juth ka parda dekh gaya wo Aaiyna..

Payar ke bina zindgi nahi hai "Mantesh"..
Nafrat ki deewar hatta gaya wo Aaiyna..!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things Are Never Be The Same

I say I'm hurt,
But no one ask why..

They see me crying,
But they just pass by..

I don't understand why your love makes me feel this way,

Because when I hear your voice,
I feel weak and walk away..

You call ma name,
And I slowly retreat
You walk toward me,
And my heart starts to beat,
Faster and faster,

With every step you take,
My pain grows larger..
Because I know things will never be the same..

My siLence speaks Alot

The Silence In my Words,The Un-Asked Question Forces me to Move towards an Undesired Direction.
In Its Own Classic Gait,Life Moves,
Once blinded,thought There was no One To Lose.

Deprived of the feelings of happiness,I feel left alone in this Mess loneliness,Finding out love In You..
I Try,Unable to Smile,Unable to Cry.

Never Leave me

Mene her rOz Dua meIn tuJe manGa heY,
Hun beWafa mGr Wafa Sey Tuje Manga hey ~

KbI SaJde meIn Ja ker Puchna apne rab Sey ,
Mene kIs kIs ada Sey tuje Manga Hey ~

Your Smile, My everything

J0 lafzOn se tUne bUna hai..
wOh haseen pyaar ka silsila hai..
tU hassa to ye aalam hassa hai..

Emotions of mAd..!!

Sometimes The depth of Human Emotions Overshadows The Mind in Control, A maze of Emotions Encloses My Thoughts; My Very Soul,Only leaving a breathless Motion,The decision to Only Move On .. All weak,All alone..