Tuesday, January 6, 2009

miss u :-(

*Today I Miss You So Much As U R So Far 4rm Me..2 See You To Touch u..Am Remembering The Days When We Were 2getha..But I Lost U In A Way Ov Lyf..I Screamed I Wept But U Was Not There... Then I Realized That 'I Have Been Fallen in Luv Vid U'...Ur Luv And Care Make Me Feel As Your My Soul By Losing Whom I Ve Lost My Soul..Then I Realized That I Ve Been Fallen In Love Vid U More Then Mah Lyf*....!!

1 comment:

  1. dur hu aaj magar dil me tere hi hu zinda nai to kay ar kar bhi me teri hi hu


Emotions of mAd..!!

Sometimes The depth of Human Emotions Overshadows The Mind in Control, A maze of Emotions Encloses My Thoughts; My Very Soul,Only leaving a breathless Motion,The decision to Only Move On .. All weak,All alone..